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PF calculator formula

1. Your basic monthly salary including Dearness Allowance (DA)

2. Your contribution to the EPF

3. Your Employer's Contribution

4. Your present age and the age when you wish to retire

5. Your current EPF balance

6. Current EPF interest rate

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Follow these steps and calculate your Total EPF Contribution amount with interest using best online PF Calculator:

Enter Salary (Basic Pay + D.A): You must enter the Basic Salary Per Month (Rs.)

Enter Years: Enter your age (Retirement Age:60 base calculate )

Now, The PF calculator would calculate the total Your Contribution amount, Employer's Contribution, Total Interest, Maturity Amount in automatically seconds.

You can used unlimited: Recalculate the pf anytime, by changing the Basic Salary Per Month (Rs.), and age input value.

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EPF Calculator

EPF Calculator Formula

EPF Calculator Formula

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EPF Employee Provident Fund What you call pf. What is EPF? How much money is deducted from our salary How to calculate epf When and how do we get EPF money If we want to withdraw money from EPF before retirement. So when and how can we withdraw epf balance and the most important matter is That many people say that The money of epf comes to us as the double amount.

So is this correct Or we get interest on the amount of epf And if you get interest, how much percent interest is available? Let's know Unlocking Something EPF is an investment Which is for people working in a government or private company.

EPF is maintained by EPFO EPFO means Employee Provident Fund Organisation Which Companies have no. of employees more than 20 They have to cut the epf And by the way, Employeeb's salary is less than 15000 They have must cut the epf.

So now comes the epf calculation Pf Calculation or epf contribution Friends, if you work in such a place, you work in such a company. which is registered by EPFO Then you on there 12% of his salary and an equal amount to the company have to deposit in your epf account.

That is, the company also has to deposit 12% in your EPF account To friends salary here If you do a government job, then you must Then you will get DA and Basic Salary You are considered to Salary + DA both are consider to cut EPF If you do a private job then you will not get DA.

So there only cut the epf from Basic salary So the thing to note here is friends That 12% deducted from your salary goes directly to your EPF Account But by the company or employer that gives you 12% 3.67% of that Goes to your epf account And 8.33% of the rest Goes to your EPS account.

EPS means Employee Pension Scheme the money you get in installments after retirement Which is also called your pension That money is the money of this employee pension scheme.

So here pay goes 8.33% in EPS. Company's 12% And friends here, the company also has to pay an extra charge of 1% Of which 0.5% goes into EDLI means goes to Employee Deposit Linked Insurance and rest 0.5% EPS is cut into admiration charge So here again 1% gets distributed So if we add the total.

So the company has to pay 13% here and the employer has to pay 12% here Then total is 25% In which idli and administration charge is charged at 1% Rest 24%

Which is saved in the employee's epf account The same friends if we look at the salary here For example if the salary of an individual is less than 15000 rupees.

Then how much will it be cut Friends, if the salary of a person is less than 15000 That is, a person's salary is 10000 Then 12% will be deducted from his salary for his EPF account And the company they work in is their employer.

He will also give 12% in your epf account Of which 3.67% will go to epf And 8.33% of the rest will go to EPS account Out of 12% of that company And the rest of the company gives an extra charge of 1% It also distributes to 0.5 0.5 to EDLI & Admistra.

Charge But dear friends, the salary of that person is more than 15000 rupees Then what happens Then friends employees also have two options and the employer also has two options So now let's talk about the first option So the first option is to have minimal EPF What happens in it, whatever your salary may be, more than 15000 50000 40000...

But here you have to pay EPF only on 15000 For example, if a person's salary is Rs 50000 So they can also cut the epf on 50000 But if they want, then they can run their work only by cutting the epf at 15000.

So what will happen if you cut the EPF on 15000 If they cut the epf at 15000 then they will give 12% of 15000 employee So that is friends 1800 rupees 12% of their 15000 will also be given by their companies or Employer So here both will give 12-12% Which will be 1800- 1800.

So here, 1800 Direct will go to their EPF account But 1800 of the employer will be 3.67% and 8.33% divided And the remaining 1% of the employer who will pay the extra charge will be cut into pay charges there.

So in this way, both the employees and the employer can work with the minimum epf What happens in it guys Employee's in hand salary increases But according to your salary, your savings are very less That's the other option guys this is That if your salary is more than 15000 However it may be Like if your salary is 50000 rupees.

Then what happens Here friends, if your salary is 50000 rupees then the first option is of minimum epf And there is another option, here friends, you can get 12% of your entire salary deducted in epf Which would be if your salary is 50000 So you will have the whole 6000 rupees Which will go to your epf account.

If you do this then the company has two options means Employee has two option The first option is that the employer can run his work by paying only Rs 15,000 Even if you are cutting 12% of the entire salary, because you have to save But company friends can make their epf work by only getting 12% of 15000 The same option that companies have That is if you are paying 12% on your salary So the company will also give you 12% of the entire salary.

So that you have a very good saving So what happens here that if your salary is 50000 then your 6000 is being deducted So even the people of the company are giving 12% on your slurry, giving 6000 So 3.67% of that goes to your epf account But 8.33% goes to your EPS account.

Here come a change guys APF account has a condition that There will be an 8.33% deposit of only 15000 The remaining amount will be added directly to your EPF account As seen here, 8.33% of 150000 Rs.1249.5 will be So whatever you pay here, 3.67% of 60000 will go to your epf account and the rest amount 8.33% It will go to your eps account Which will be more than Rs. 1249.5

Then Rs 1249.5 will be reduced from it And the rest of the friends will be deposited in your epf account So this is the way here friends So this option is better for you, Dosto because Depending on your salary, there is a slight reduction in your hand salary.

But your savings are very good Which can be useful in your future So here I can tell you friends Companies around If you cut 12% of your salary for EPF.

So they also will pay you equally There is a less of the company that pays you at minimum As soon as you go, you will be told already you have to give 1800/month from your salary And the same amount will also be given by the company.

There is no point in them from the current percentage or calculation directly he will cut 1800 rupay from your salary and deposit to your epf account No matter what your salary But in many companies, you have both options That if you want to cut the minimum epf, then just cut 1800 rupees.

If you want a cut on the entire salary, then the same cut-off company will give you the same amount. So whatever option you select there, your savings will be like that So this matter is of EPF calculation Now we know that we are investing this money/month.

When will we get that money friend, you get this money at the time of retirement When you're ahead of 58 years But if you want to withdraw money before retirement So you can do that by following some conditions here After that you can withdraw this money before retirement.

So I will tell you in the process of withdrawal How is this money withdrawn before retirement? So now we know that if we invest in it, what are the benefits? Epf also has a lot of benefits In which the first benefits are That you invest money On that you get 8-9% interest That has a high-interest rate guys If you make a fixed deposit somewhere Or do you invest in anything like this So you get 8-9% interest on very less space.

So this is the first benefit Other benefits are friends, you can also save tax from here according to income tax act section 80C If you invest up to 1.5 lakhs in it So you don't have to pay any tax on it Even when you are investing this money And even when you are withdrawing this money You do not have to pay any tax here But here is a condition friend The condition is that if you want to withdraw this money.

So your epf account must be 5 years old Only then you will not be taxed here If you want to withdraw this money before completing 5 years So in the condition you have to pay tax here Here friends risk is also very less Because this investment is managed by Govt. Along with this, you also get life insurance If due to what reason the person dies.

So here you get insurance from 2.5 lakh rupees to 6 lakh rupees Friends with that is another benefit of this Is that you can access it from anywhere This is universal access guys Whatever your epf account will be.

So every APF account has a UAN number Wherever you can access this epf account and use it through that UAN number And together let me tell you that this epf account is opened only once in your life When are you doing your first job And the company that registers with EPFO.

Then your epf account is opened on the same After that when you go to work somewhere, crush that job So through that UAN number, you can transfer that epf account to the second employer In the same way if you leave there and go somewhere else for job Even then friends, you can get the epf account transferred through the new number.

So, friends, you do not need to open another account in this way And every day you have only one epf account That's why you can access it through UAN number In the same way, friends epf has many more benefits.

So if you want to know about all the benefits then I will give the link of that webpage in my description box From there you can checkout So now we know when and how we can withdraw money from EPF By the way, investment in EPF to meet the post-retirement needs.

But if you want to withdraw that money in between jobs So here you can withdraw that money According to your need Like if you are your son's or daughter's Siblings or if even their own Even for marriage, if you want to withdraw money.

So here the total amount invested in the epf You can withdraw up to 50% amount Same friends if you are your son or your own Want to withdraw this money for higher education So there too, you can withdraw with interest up to 50% of the total amount you have invested.

But here these two guys seem to have a condition Which is that your epf account should be at least 7 years old That is, he must have been investing in APF since 7 years ago Then you can withdraw this money If we talk about other conditions.

So the second condition is that if you have been working for years And in the same condition if you want to buy a plot somewhere, you want to buy a house So there friends too, you can withdraw money by following certain conditions from epf account here if you want to buy a plot.

So you can withdraw up to 24 times the amount of your salary from an EPF account The same if you want to buy a house somewhere So you amount up to 36 times your salary Can withdraw from epf account.

The same if a medical emergency comes to your house That is, your siblings or parents are in great need of treatment So in that condition you can use your epf account You can withdraw 6 times the amount of salary Or you can withdraw the total invested money of your epf account And friends it happens with many people That they miss their job due to some reason.

So 1 month after leaving the job You can withdraw up to 75% from your EPF account And after two months, the remaining 25% amount can also be recovered In this way, friends have many other conditions In which you can withdraw the total money of your puff account.

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